Fine will pay in the body ·· CUTIE POLICE -KIN8TENGOKU PRESENTS- / Benda

Fine will pay in the body ·· CUTIE POLICE -KIN8TENGOKU PRESENTS-

Yes! Today's delivery, gold 8 take down work! CUTIE POLICE there a delivery! Banda-chan of the policewoman. And it has cracked down on the usual parking violation as, Kondo-kun who had come on a business trip had been a parking violation! A hurry to come back, but when already too late! Banda chan hand over the ticket! Troubled Kondo-kun! But you know as usual of a lack of money does not pay something fine ~! A word to the Banda-chan happens to be there, "gonna discount hear have to pay now!" It seems impossible in Japan, but common sense of the unique foreign! Referred to as the hand is not, that get to come together in the Banda-chan to the room! However, I went to the room Mr. Kondo start making noise that there is no wallet! Kondo Mr. Although Banda Chan attempts to pass the ticket to do Well ... at no questions asked! Today is VOL.1 of delivery of full-episode! Serious sexy underwear, not depend also think under the uniform is please enjoy CUTIE POLICE please of ... first planning ~!

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